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BA Design Communication Group Project (Level 2), Editorial Design, Research, Infographics
The Study of Micro Spaces Within Public Housing: Woodlands New Town
About the Research
The research entails the Study of Micro Spaces in Public Housing, specifically to the ‘public’ spaces outside apartments, or more commonly known as corridors. Despite being spaces that change over time, we wanted to study how these spaces co-relate to one another in terms of each apartment's living threshold. In essence, such spaces provide a means for its residents to interact and form a ‘community’ within such micro spaces. However, our research solely places an observation role in how households depict their living thresholds. 

​The research was based on Woodlands New Town between August - November 2018.
Woodlands New Town is a district at the Northern part of Singapore closes to neighbouring Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The study comprised of several housing blocks around the district's centre; Woodlands MRT station. 

The study took the team throughout the entire district, combing through several blocks in considerations of the block's age, location and proximity towards one another. Visual documentation were taken (in secret), enabling the team to collect crucial snapshots of the 'public spaces'. 
Photos taken also provided the research a glimpse into the visual identity of housing blocks surveyed. Here (above & below), presents a comparison between older blocks (>20 years) to newer blocks (<10 years), where the stark contrast between the colours, patterns and kind of amenities presented the team an option worthy of studying.

+ However, visual identities are subjective and dependent on the design. As the project weighted highly on micro spaces, visual identities did not weigh more.
Considering the tone of voice - as a Research Journal, the print design steered more towards less of a design-theme editorial, but a minimalist style with the use of a mix of serif and san serif typefaces, darker, earthy colours such as dark grey and blue-green were used in the design. 

To view the Print design, click here. To find out more in detail about the processes, view the Creative Process Journal 

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