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I was approached by a close friend to help build his brand from ground up. Working with a team, we created the branding for HiveBotics, allowing it to better communicate its product to the general public.

About the brand
At HiveBotics, our Abluo Bots help to replace menial cleaning tasks like scrubbing, wiping, drying through an all-in one autonomous system.

Our brand is a personification of purity, futurism, cleanliness and artificial intelligence.
The icon represents high-tech cleaning, fun and friendliness, our brand represents the core beliefs that we share as a robotics automation company.​​​​​​​
Screencap from the Brand Book
After numerous iterations, the HiveBotics logo was completed.

Being a tech-automation related company, we designed the logo to live and breath purity, futurism, cleanliness and artificial intelligence. This is done through the combination of a futuristic typeface and an icon that represents the work that the robot does - cleaning.
We opt to use colours that were nether too flashy nor quiet - so as to better portray Hivebotics as a tech-related company. ​​​​​​​
Supplementary Illustrations were also created to represent the functions of the product. These literally illustrations combine to form lockups that can be utilised throughout its brand collaterals - making designing and maintaining the brand easy. 

For instance, wavy lines depict wash, due to the fluid motions of water. Thick, solid lines pointing diagonally depict the art of brushing. 
We also created several collaterals that could be used as an extension of the brand in real life. Name-cards were designed to reflect the brand in full as it represents the brand at first hand. Letterheads were designed to allow space for more content, where the brand could come in subtly, rather than dramatically - like the name-cards.
Designing for HiveBotics have allowed us to experiment with brand identity systems - where a system of design elements could combine to better communicate the brand.

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