Badge Design
Branding, Illustration | Pro Bono work for the Singapore Scouts Association
This section elaborates on the iterations behind the design of two badges - the South Area Leadership Team (SALT) and Project Sunshine 2017.

The design of the SALT badge was particularly a challenging one. Beside considering the identity of the team, the badge should also strike a balance between being way too corporate, and being 'scout-friendly'. Taking reference to South Area's Logo, design development took place over a period of a month, leading to the implementation of the badge on the Scout uniform, as a team badge of the leadership team of south area.
Besides having dual roles in the overall Branding and in the Food & Beverage dept, my responsibilities include the design and making of the event's branding, various collaterals, including posters and banners to aid the publicity of the event. Project Sunshine's design went through multiple iterations over the period of 3 weeks and resulted in a branding that feels unified with the event's purpose; bringing light to orphans in an orphanage in Cambodia. 
Other than the above badge designs, I was also engaged to design even more event badges. Other than the association's badge specifications on its size, the badges are designed in accordance to the event's objectives and emotion. For instance, the South Area Cook off (2019) is designed to look like a competition (as it is), through the illustration of fire, and using cooking utensils as a representation for the 'Cook-Off'.
Having worked with multiple leaders over a period of 5 years (and counting), badge designing for the Singapore Scouts Association has provided me with opportunities to practice branding for events, and explore different forms of composing shapes, colour and kinds of illustrations. It is not without the understanding of how badges are embroidered and the specific considerations required for affordable and effective design communication. 

Besides these designs, I have also partaked as a leader, aiding the event in programs, logistics, and at times, the lead for the communications team. Such opportunities in design practice has allowed me to diversify my processes, learn to manage teams and the overall art direction. 

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