RSA Student ​Awards 2019
BA Design Communication Group Project (Level 2) / Studio Group Project / Design Competition
Themed 'Harvesting Health', the RSA Student Awards 2019 comprises of myself and a team (of classmates) to be completed within 7 weeks as a Studio project. At the project's end, the team was shortlisted as one of the 6 teams selected by the teaching team to be submitted for the competition. Unfortunately, the team did not fair well at the world's stage and did not get shortlisted in the competition.

About the Project
Fribee is an independent, self-run system that relies on a mix of digital and social touch-points to allow the close community to utilise fridges located at ground floors to share leftover fresh food with neighbours. In a way, Fribee allows the community to connect through food and sharing. Extensive research was done in the project's initial stages, including market research, site visits, interviews and more.  Read on below to learn more about the research.
One of the most important aspects of a mobile application involves the user experience. For the product to be well desired, the product needs to communicate its functions well with an experience that promotes feedback, much like a human 'talking' to a human. 

The design of the mobile app begun with a quick sketch wireframe of the onboarding process, before moving to designing in Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD). While it was my first time using Adobe XD, the interface felt just like (or perhaps even more simpler) than Illustrator. 
Initially amazed by how wire-framing tools work, I was able to quickly create a prototype and preview it on my iPhone 7. With a set range of colour schemes and forms, the design felt unified and homogeneous to the branding. Considerations were made in the picking of stock imagery to represent the brand and set the mood.

Find out more in detail about this project via my Creative Process Journal
I was appointed the leader of the team, where I worked hard with the team on days on end following through the entire process. During the course of the project, the team engaged in Design Thinking, inspired by methods defined in the book - Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley. I believe that enabled the team to identify and find decide on a clearer direction to head towards.

To find out more about the project, view the deck here
+ While myself and the team shared a few moments of unhappiness, the lessons learnt in those moments has allowed me to reflect and improve myself to be a better team leader in future projects.

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