Health City Novena
Creative Direction, Infographic | Commissioned by Inspireo
I was commissioned by Inspireo to create an infographic that will introduce Health City Novena as the top medical district at the heart of Singapore to prospective audiences. This infographic would include 4 parts, each functioning a different purpose - to tell a story from a macro to micro point of view. 

Designated to be published on a website, users would be able to navigate the map by scrolling on, much like the interactivity on Apple's website. Users will then be able to select or hover on key pointers to uncover even more information on respective landmarks.

I first begun the project by gathering all forms of documentation from various sources, including Pinterest. As the client specified that they would like it to be in an isometric manner, the whole project was based on that style. This led to the creation of the storyboard, art direction, colour palettes and more (see below)
The creative direction was further deduced to create respective styles for the infographic. So as to ensure consistency in the way the brand is communicated, I opt to combine the use of colours from both the brand, and Map UI. More colours were also taken from the 3D rendering provided, giving the project an ample range of colours to utilise
Isometric styles were also proposed, so that all possibilities can be considered before the design begins.
When the creative direction is confirmed, I begun working on the first draft of the infographic, which was created based on the styles (colour, vector) and directions agreed earlier.
1st Draft of Key Visual
When the main infographic is created, other parts of the visual followed suit. The above image depicts the various options presented to the client, paying close attention to user experience and information accuracy. After several rounds of iterations, the infographic is completed in its 'true glory'.
Scene 1 - Overview
Scene 2 - Area around Health City Novena
Scene 3 - Area within Health City Novena
Scene 4 - Health City Novena in Isometric

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